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Research projects in Holistic Science
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Dear fellow researcher and student of Life’s dynamics,

Below are listed some of one’s own former breakthroughs in research, preceding the coming one, on a global scale -already known to us- of relativity of scale, the ‘vertical dimension’ of simultaneity besides relativity of space-time, transforming our world view. Myriads of applications and implications…

If you have an interest in cooperation or sharing, feel free to contact me.


These examples of research breakthroughs stem from some time ago, in one’s own interdisciplinary holistic, fundamental research. These include ‘new’ probably key insights I haven’t seen – yet, to my knowledge – appearing yet in research work elsewhere online.
This was enhanced by a certain multifaceted expertise in a fertile cross-pollination of various disciplines
and underlying synthesis of knowledge of ancient civilizations I have studied , direct inspiration and seeing connectedness, 
including a scientific or physical grounding for it having a background in Master degree in Applied Sciences (or partly despite it?) and lots of self study and meditation.
One has been able to help and inspire many known pioneering researchers and authors, being inspired oneself, before by one’s insights, texts, drawings and calculations in a mostly mutual exchange in several ways, grounded/grounding further in reciprocity or shareability in a growing atmosphere of group consciousness.
So perhaps we can collaborate in some way.
See for yourself and let me know,
looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.
Warm regards,
Stefaan Van Nuffel, Belgium (Master of Applied Sciences, but mainly autodidactic in advanced pioneering all-encompassing research in the spirit of synthesis)
T (+32)475958093
Some research projects done are LISTed below:


* a geometric blueprint – in broad lines – of the human body as depicted in the Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci (see above), easy to develop in a self-constructing way from the Great Pyramid of Giza with 1 single golden section correlated point, just like the so-called ‘Sri Yantra’ Vedic geometry, an ancient sample of super-coherent self-similar geometry that international experts are still perplexed about (a better way -according to criteria quantifying the coherency- has not been found by algorithms nowadays). I myself could not find a simpler geometrical construction method on the internet for this ancient geometry than the one discovered…


* insight into a novel ‘integral’ or natural unified mathematics (1) of a high degree of synthesis or integration and extreme precision (no rounding errors), involving mainly natural numbers and Fibonacci like series and quadruples, worked out to a high degree with lots of applications, like in modelling naturally occurring systems in physics (also diagnosis and optimization of occurring parameters in artificial human design) and construction and a novel approach in math education (all worked out elaborately in detailed textbooks and diagrams),

as well as fundamental unseen patterns in prime numbers related to ordinal, logarithmic and (spin phase related) angular phase space linked to a more qualitative phase quality based areas of research, including some to be anounced later (see “7 rays” and a resourced astro-science) and iriscopy, colour frequencies, meridians and biogeometrical and other patterns,

(1) This mathematical integral approach, ‘Integral Math’ as one calls it, unifies number theory (including primes&antiprimes structural patterns, seemingly reciprocal), 

harmony as in music(*) in collective coupled vibrational modes,

and many connected geometrical classes at once

like triangles, ellipses and toroids in 3D -one has been listing them all systematically- and their linked wave structure, clarifying, among others, the nature of ‘3:6:9’ mentioned by J. Keely and N. Tesla, making them concrete and a unified whole, for application in physics etc.

This new kind of integral mathematics (probably ancient as well, as some ancient cultural sources involved have inspired to resource it), 

featuring mainly natural numbers, after quantization -indicative even of errors of measurement or artefacts- and proper natural units for any problem, 

showing many connections in an amazing harmonic whole of myriadic ranges in a precise mathematical and intercultural meaning of the word and concept of “myriad”.

(*): Musical Harmony (‘of the Spheres’) as multicyclical compound coupled waves in time _and_ space simultaneously and bidirectionally -radially and transversally- also as overall logarithmical and spherical (and radial) resonances, connecting planets of the system -also as Schumann resonance patterns holographically quite precisely – to the Earth

and its many cycles,

and also to the Sun [besides the lunar one, mathe’mag’ically in specific ways attuned to the rest], and the 3D quasi-harmonically distributed stellar grid, involving some of the nearest stars with parameters that can be found prominently in ancient sources.


* insight into coherence of historical and other cycles, generating fractal patterns across disciplines, times and cultures. These include the cycles of solar activity linked in both ways to the planets and the sun’s movement with regards to the common center of gravity of the solar system, and correlations with various cycles on Earth with harmonic structure, which also seem to work on the scale of elementary particles, atoms and the macroscopic scale (to be investigated further, with factual material and tables, also in dimensions other than time, like mass, predicting recently discovered elements, elementary particles or parameter values in science by applications of fractal and harmonic scaling models (of a natural order that we can attune our technology to if we want it to be sustainable and more optimal).

(These cycles include those of the so-called ‘seven rays’ as well, that I’ve resourced to make their qualitities quantifiable…
Also the human heart beat shows 5 ray phases, correlating directly numerically scaled to the 5 Chinese elements and their traditionally assigned planets (also quantum physically)… [And the ‘7 outward and 5 inward’ occurring there in several conceptual levels as Dan Winter  mentions in the anatomic geometry of the heart and ultimate physical atom or ‘anu’, but also for instance in a formula of trinity of universal wave action involving irrational constants – one of them being Phi, another Pi, and a third one, Eulers constant e – in hidden Sankhya science linking the three guna’s or fundamental properties of conditioned nature].)


* an approach and technology, optimized and tailored/tuned to nature (based on application of, among other things, logarithmic scaling laws and ‘scale’ waves, from which, for example, sustainable preference parameter values ​​follow, which prove statistically sustainable in nature and economic design)
and molecular quantum frequencies and their sequences in melodies simulating the presence of these ((an)organic) molecules, useful in for agricultural and biological purposes also useful in determining their relationships.
These frequencies are obtained by applying atomic and molecular De Broglie mass frequencies, based on [true, i.e. applied in its proper dynamic context] proton mass – the latter being a very stable unit of their [mainly nuclear] masses as is already known).

This has been shown for instance experimentally by a friend of mine,  Eng. Yannick Van Doorne in France (and Belgium before as an official graduation work for application for tomato plants for instance in bio-engineering some time ago)


* a connection between the planets of the solar system and the self-pulsing, resonant electromagnetic energy field of the Earth (the so-called Schumann resonances), previously presented at the University of Bratislava (Slovakia) in interdisciplinary teamwork as a geophysical Civil Engineer/Master of Applied Sciences myself with Dr. in Biology S. Bosman (on phase correlation between brain waves & spherical standing waves of Earth) in the Univ. Observatory with an international team of scientists of many disciplines


* insight into simple numerically quite good approximate patterns of the planets and other (also recently discovered) celestial bodies in the solar system, not on the basis of the Law of Bode but on the basis of the successive numbers of the Fibonacci series from the first to the 14th, including Eris and Sedna, allowing for quite probable predictions for 2 more planets, like one having a 3600 years revolution period… Such a scaling invariant law also works for other scales…

(* For instance, the self-similar golden ratio has been found -by others as well- in the fundamental wave structure of matter (as Nassim Haramein found out regarding the back holes fractal across scales) and in other important fundamental phenomena of embedding resonance; a fundamental logical explanation is being worked out, partly in the Sankhya article (under construction now, link below). It seems to be quite applicable also in gravity -even empirically- if one’s own measurements in the Netherlands of a signal, seemingly related to gravity, in a Hodovanec type gravity wave detector in a Faraday cage (thus shielded from electromagnetic radiation) in a high wooden tower about 17 years ago, is correct, of which I’ve watched/noticed the golden ratio spectrum afterwards… (The same self-similar ratio also goes for certain evolutionary leap intervals in the time domain for instance, one has found -for standing waves in spacetime, this may not come as a surprise.)


* even perhaps a fractal pattern for the Riemann zeta function zeros (directly linked to prime number distribution spectrum -itself involving Euler’s constant e statistically – in even more detailed ways then the known – and the golden ratio only involved casually here in [generalized-]prime number quadruples relationships, that one could see), to be worked out further…


* many elements towards a coherent unification theory for physics (extending to other disciplines), some simple principles generating all physical formulas and constants -where all can be calculated from one or mathematical constants- to a high precision and even some new ones, yet unknown, involving dark energy, black holes, the principles of simultaneity -akin to ‘quantum entanglement’ (for a very small time frame, not involving an instantaneous information flow but one far exceeding the speed of light), resonance and scale invariance.


* bridging fundamental, integral Math, Natural and Human Sciences (including psychology, history and anthropology), the list of research topics listed above may be supplemented coherently with archetypes, holistic health (ayurvedic, traditional Chinese), historical, social and economic cycles etc. and their relationships or correlations (also with the aforementioned topics above e.g. number structure and solar activity cycles), and updated, partly lost, but substantiated knowledge of ancient civilizations in a spirit of synthesis, seeing their root patterns as a whole.
This includes re-sourcing ayurvedic and holistic medicine (and psycho-energetics) to their numerical and geometrical dynamics root patterns and relationships, which can be found on all scales.



By the way, the author thinks he has quite some volume of good inspired solo and cooperative work and versatile background references over the years, 


* cooperation with Dr. Saskia Bosman (working at the observatory, Bratislava University Observatory – picture of experimental spherical antenna setup element below)

* cooperation with Mr. Dale Pond, founder of the Sympathetic Vibratory Research Institute, with whom I have cooperated on Keely’s work (extremely ahead of his time and this time),

* and cooperation with the former vidya of the Dalai Lama on re-sourcing ayurvedic and holistic medicine (and psycho-energetics) to their numerical and geometrical dynamics root patterns, 

* work in the Netherlands also for large groups on David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, 

* facilitating inspired dialogues 

and freelance workshops and interactive lectures based on discoveries for many years,


* applying molecular De Broglie mass frequencies and melodies (working on this level scaled up by many ‘octaves’ in scaling waves, [true, i.e. applied in its proper dynamic context] proton mass begin a very stable unit of their [mainly nuclear] masses as you know) for agricultural and biological purposes,

as has been shown experimentally by a friend of mine in France (and Belgium before as an official graduation work in bio-engineering a long time ago), 


* research on water, radiation and food integral (physical and mental) health-related and other research – freely sharing results for public interest through large networks,

* doing surveys and reports with ground penetrating radar (done for archeological projects etc.).

* predicting recently discovered elements or parameter values in science from harmonic modelling (detailed report showing it)

* and applications by fractal and harmonic scaling models (of natural order we need to attune to),

* co-founding a holistic school as an active staff member and teacher (alternative learning, intrinsically motivated)  and innovative educational projects, 




This is already a fairly comprehensive but non-exhaustive list of proposed possible research areas, all integrated and connected, in this abstract “bird’s eye view” description above.



The list above is intended for exploring -with an open mind and heart- some possible entrances -along my own path, from linking fragments to a more synoptic view of synthesis- to the basics of a possibly unified and unifying scientific and world view as opposed to the mainly fragmented current one.

Question everything elsewhere on the website too, only intended as possible starting points to explore as the author is still doing;  and feel free to share with him in any quite resonant feedback interaction in a currently slowly germinating group consciousness, linked to parallell computing -inherent in the physics of space and consciousness- and in group consciousness, as described in bird’s eye view in the post Sankhya inspired science (link article Dutch, English version follows, and more in detail in the upcoming full Sankhya web page)… 

This after several breakthroughs in my own advanced in-depth transdisciplinary research, highly inspired and intense work of years along -as often became clear only in retrospect- sometimes similar lines as some fellow pioneers and of in the -sometimes distant- past,

(including a new/ancient kind of unified integral mathematics -involving natural numbers (wave) groups, phi ratio implicitly and unified geometry – for possibly coherently detailing or complementing also some of the other major breakthrough discoveries nowadays, as I see it, 

and diverse trans-disciplinary knowledge hidden or implicit in several older and ancient sources – one has seen or ‘re-sourced’- 

and many ‘new’ probably ‘key’ insights I haven’t seen – yet, to my knowledge – appearing yet in existing work elsewhere online), 


I write this with some sense of urgency, keeping in mind the need of the world largely in relative ignorance as to basic overall connectedness of all areas of life, now separated, not only in science in the strict sense.

However, at the same time some very wonderful and much needed examples of group work of unification are also is also emerging in these critical times.


The recent developments in a transitory time of fragmentation only strengthen my belief the spirit of synthesis is making its way. 

Feel free to contribute as well, the highly selective list above is already superseded by a recent series of converging discoveries from many sides and dimensions simultaneously.)  


Thanks and enjoy!


Stefaan Van Nuffel, Belgium (Master of Applied Sciences, but mainly autodidactic in advanced pioneering all-encompassing research in the spirit of synthesis)

T (+32)475958093

The main part of all this is invisible, ‘dark’ (“dark energy” – a recently invented term indicating ignorance when restricted to the visible, classically measurable in time) to man’s eye, but not to his HEART or – anagramically – AETHER, the intrinsic relational and geometrical substance of space and of EARTH or matter (in a highly 3D synchronized state)… 

The are many seeds of insights to be explored together, besides the elaborated and fine-tuned work already done, without as withIN in harmonic relationship …


Looking forward to read some of you, dear reader, by contact form below… 


Warm regards, 

(Mr.A.Sc.) Stefaan Van Nuffel.


(C) Stefaan Van Nuffel, 2021


Dutch version later by

uw mede-levensleerling en globaal onderzoeker tot uw dienst,


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