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Holistic Science

 the Holistic Science (Dutch version later)

Dear reader and fellow student of Life’s dynamics, 


The article that follows is intended for exploring -with an open mind and heart- the basics of a possibly unified and unifying scientific and world view as opposed to the mainly fragmented current one.

Question everything that follows, only intended as possible starting points to explore as the author is still doing;  and feel free to share with him in any quite resonant feedback interaction in a currently slowly germinating group consciousness, linked to parallell computing -inherent in the physics of space and consciousness- and in group consciousness, as described in bird’s eye view in the post Sankhya inspired science (link article Dutch, English version follows, and more in detail in the upcoming full Sankhya web page)… 

This after several breakthroughs in my own advanced in-depth transdisciplinary research, highly inspired and intense work of years along -as often became clear only in retrospect- sometimes similar lines as some fellow pioneers and of in the -sometimes distant- past,

(including a new/ancient kind of unified integral mathematics -involving natural numbers (wave) groups, phi ratio implicitly and unified geometry – for possibly coherently detailing or complementing also some of the other major breakthrough discoveries nowadays, as I see it, 

and diverse trans-disciplinary knowledge hidden or implicit in several older and ancient sources – one has seen or ‘re-sourced’- 

and many ‘new’ probably ‘key’ insights I haven’t seen – yet, to my knowledge – appearing yet in your work or elsewhere online – see PS for some more), 


I write this with some sense of urgency, keeping in mind the need of the world largely in relative ignorance as to basic overall connectedness of all areas of life, now separated, not only in science in the strict sense.

However, at the same time some very wonderful and much needed examples of group work of unification are also is also emerging in theese critical times.


The recent developments in a transitory time of fragmentation only strengthen my belief the spirit of synthesis is making its way. 

Feel free to contribute as well, as you too could perhaps humbly make a significant -and also complementary- contribution at this time,

the work of the author being conceived and elaborated both intuitively and with high precision -by times almost like Ramanujan “from the fullness of the erroneously so-called ‘vacuum’ “, 

including his affinity for neglected or unseen yet relevant topics in math and ‘new’ physics -as I’ve found out very specifically- or approaches,

and an elegance of simplicity, typical of a unified view involving more than innovative maths and physics only.

It is rooted as well in a natural affinity to intensely studied ancient knowledge and wisdom -hidden layers in scriptures, buildings, all all oracles and old games one has looked at- 

and direct inspiration in a no-nonsense meditative state often and all-round insight linking very much simultaneously across the ‘boxes’ (non-existent, but sometimes functional for practical purposes).


So perhaps, in the current situation (collectively, and also personally limited financially for now as I’ve sacrificed a lot for the sake of this prioritary intensive research for many years, in my reearch activities)

and the nature and amount of insights to offer or propose to contribute seriously, 

only the form of this kind of introductory overview and some articles on this site, besides courses, presentations on demand and books, and direct exchange if you contact the author, seems to be appropriate now, if you are open to this in the very alive feedback network of group consciousness. 


Perhaps, if you are interested, you could start to take a look at this incomplete introductory overview and PS below, from October 2020 and see if you see a potential for exchange or even cooperation ? (The highly selective list in that PS is already superseded by a recent series of converging discoveries from many sides and dimensions simultaneously.)  


Thanks and enjoy!



By the way, the author thinks he has quite some volume of good inspired solo and cooperative work and versatile background references over the years, 

including with Mr. Dale Pond, founder of the Sympathetic Vibratory Research Institute, with whom I have cooperated on Keely’s work (extremely ahead of his time and this time),


and cooperation with the former vidya of the Dalai Lama on re-sourcing ayurvedic and holistic medicine (and psycho-energetics) to their numerical and geometrical dynamics root patterns, 


work in the Netherlands also for large groups on David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, 

facilitating inspired dialogues 


and freelance workshops and interactive lectures based on discoveries for many years,


applying molecular De Broglie mass frequencies and melodies (working on this level scaled up by many ‘octaves’ in scaling waves, [true, i.e. applied in its proper dynamic context] proton mass begin a very stable unit of their [mainly nuclear] masses as you know) for agricultural and biological purposes,

as has been shown experimentally by a friend of mine in France (and Belgium before as an official graduation work in bio-engineering a long time ago), 


water, radiation and food integral health-related and other research – freely sharing results for public interest through large networks,


predicting recently discovered elements or parameter values in science from


and applications by fractal and harmonic scaling models (of natural order we need to attune to),


doing surveys and reports with ground penetrating radar (for archeological projects etc.),


co-founding a holistic school and innovative educational projects, 


– I have included some random samples of earlier research work in very low resolution graphical format

and a recent photograph as attachment here. 



Warm regards,


Stefaan Van Nuffel, Belgium (Master of Applied Sciences, but mainly autodidactic in advanced pioneering all-encompassing research in the spirit of synthesis)



PS Some specific project examples…

The aforementioned breakthroughs include, for instance, 

an authentic holistic approach in mutually cross-pollinating areas very much in the spirit the SRF team is doing recently,


and new kind of integral mathematics (probably ancient as well), 

featuring mainly natural numbers, after quantization -indicative even of errors of measurement or artefacts- and proper natural units for any problem, 

showing many connections in an amazing harmonic whole.


This mathematical integral approach, ‘Integral Math’ as one calls it, unifies number theory (including primes&antiprimes structural patterns), 

harmony as in music(*) in collective coupled vibrational modes,

and many connected geometrical classes at once

like triangles, ellipses and toroids in 3D, clarifying the nature of ‘3:6:9’ mentioned by J. Keely, N. Tesla and Gurdjieff in another context, making them concrete and a unified whole, for application in physics etc.


All these geometries connect as a coherent whole

by linking them all to specific generalized ‘Fibonacci like’ number series in sets of four (by inherent space-time wave interference dynamics) within 12 stable clusters of nine, four being one the axis of generation (108=12*9 out of 21*9 ‘tetrads’ in total) within each Myriad (=Greek term, see Plato’s 5040(=7! or ‘the faculty of 7’= ideal city state number doubled/Chinese ‘10000 things’, each spanning a range of coupled frequency cascades of 1:10080~=10^4, linked mathematically – one has found- 

to the ancient ‘7 rays’ (°) 

of which a 10-fold or universal ‘Mega-Decad’ compromises the rather well known ~10^40 major harmonic scale factor (also in the holographic mass solution).




(°): the omnipresent ‘7 rays’ concept over many decads (not directly ‘octaves’ as such)

is similar to spectral ‘tones/colors’,


also in numerical time wavelengths or periods, with a certain archetpyical geometrical meaning to them, also on the scale of the heartbeat, of which each phase corresponds to specific cyclical phases like the year [Chinese] seasonal phases [‘5 {= 4=2*2 +1} elements’], 

thus all identified as well in ANGuLar (&phase) space,

superposed as a qualitatively identical transparent layer on quasi-[multi]cyclical (actually spiral) ‘numerical space’,


as I’ve seen Robert Grant for instance demonstrate recently in his presentation video in a different way or aspect,


involving one major [‘supremely’] highly composite number 24(=4!) as a number of divisions or ‘modulo’ cycle number, also mentioned in Revelations etc., 

corresponding to Fibonacci periodicity


(modulo 9, base _10_ [9 as SQUARE of 3 implying self-symmetry +1, the ‘cipher’/sephiroth ‘0’, like 5 and 26, dimensional ‘holons’ numerically – 3 as a fundamental number links to 3D (and the 3rd Day in Genesis, each Day being half a Round for the development of a root (generalized) ‘race’ or world human root type, after the 6th Day divine Man being fully developed, and at the end of the seventh being halfway the 7 Rounds, where the wheel reverses in the return half – one (hidden) half often being omitted in biblical numbers, the ‘other side of the coin’ – in Genesis 1:1 represented by the 28 letters, in my humble opinion, as 28 ‘lunar’ phases of 1+2+3 +4(=3+7=10) +5+6+7 letters -partially overlapping in time – of 7×7=49 types), 

3 approximates ‘fractal spatial dimension number’ e &Pi – being somewhat close to the root of 7 and 10 themselves – and its square 9/ennead can also be shown to be foundational in prime number space, even apart from number ‘wave’ structure in Integral Math and its quintessential role in the logarithmic order as in the metaphorical Egyptian Ennead]),


in Gayatri and human [dual-octave mass frequency range, a third being hidden, fundamental 3 octaves – also in Keely’s work – in each ennead ‘Octave’ (1:8 as to 3D frequency) of Integral Math, as 369 occurring in the hexagonal star pattern of 24=6*4] mobile vertebral structure for instance). 


In this context too the fourth prime 7 plays a major pivotal rol – besides 10 [a.o. geometrically based, also in the center of our solar system to be seen and ‘mother of cycles’],

also in linking the 3 main irrational constants to high precision (also generated in a specific ‘IHVH’-linked ‘integral math’ Phi-linked additive series, Phi being ‘rooted in the square root of 5 as the Phi’re in the center – of the decad’) in what I call ‘trinity dynamic equation’ in number space, having physical implications also as 3 fundamental aspects of dynamic interactions ‘at and beyond light speed’.

[As these additive series and quadruple, and also harmonic (also – as in Sumerian system of ‘gods’, numbers&tones- physical ‘overtone’) series and power or geometric number series and their partial sums – stretching into infinity (possibly converging into the finite {boundary point}, also geometrically), 

the prime geometry of toroids and spheres, 


one can foresee that squares and especially elementary triangles (numerically, geometrically, musically and dynamically – metaphorically) and their equivalents in higher dimensions {by partial summation obtaining the numbers known in combinatorics for instance}, 

reciprocals and reciprocity – as in ‘Egyptian’ unitary and continued fractions, and as in the harmonic and generalized in Riemann zeta function for instance – 

and the reciprocal structure of primes and antiprimes, 

their multicyclical compound wave structure 

and the concept of 7 rays

of the ‘white 1/unit (w)hole’ (‘111’ binary as ’11’=3, decimally combined with 1(‘1’) to 137 or the numerical value of ‘Quaballah’ – an approach or system that David Bohm was also studying with interest- and approximately constant alpha’s reciprocal, with a geometrical intepretation) – and approximately constant alpha’s reciprocal) – as quantitative and qualitative categories in the spectrum of energy myriads – 

are in the process of being rediscovered, aiding in and synchronously unvealed in the unification process spreading and imploding all over – over all domains of human endeavor and daily {co}existence, following ageless Natural Order.


(137 is also numerator of the 5th partial sum of the harmonic series {the denominators showing also interesting highly composite numbers in Integral {and sumerian&Babylonian} Math like 60=3*4*5, product of the prime Pythagorean triangle side ratios besides its circumference 12 in the 4th- in this case and higher, repeated composite numbers, important in synchronizing proper primes in the frequencies along the myriadic axis of tetrads})]. 



So this 7 or ‘111’(base 2, see I Ching as full ‘yang’ trinity trigram) [, Hebr.’aleph’ decimally, hinted at in manifold in {in many ways amazing} Hebrew Genesis1:1 and Greek Revelations gematrically] ) 

is ‘starring’ in the ‘movie of holographic movement of spacetime’,

also spatially in the subatomic range from the so-called ‘ultimate physical (multi-(5+/-/*2=7/3/10) stringed toroidal) atom’ up to the tiniest ‘koilons’ or ‘Fohatic holes in space’ (in Theosophical and referenced ancient sources)…



(*): Musical Harmony (‘of the Spheres’) as coupled waves in time _and_ space simultaneously and bidirectionally -radially and transversally- also as overall logarithmical and spherical (and radial) resonances, connecting planets of the system -also as Schumann resonance patterns holographically quite precisely – to the Earth

and its many cycles

and also to the Sun [besides the lunar one, mathe’mag’ically in specific ways attuned to the rest], Sirius -linked to Pi&Elohim- and the 3D quasi-harmonically distributed stellar grid. Elohim and ‘Iehovah’ as – also numerical- names of God in Hebrew version seem to dominate the overall myriad tetrads range – and corresponding synthesizing supertoroid of toroids of toroids – ratio, involving ‘starring’ 13 levels of ‘Pi’ramids in ancient cultures.


* * * *

 * * * 

* * * *


End of footnotes…] 



In this sense this additive number series and quadruples – as a discrete process of becoming- relate to the golden ratio limit of being in the implicate order, embedded in ‘absolute space’ as it were, free of curvature and time, not manifested. 


This golden ratio is also involved, as you very well know, in 

Vector Equilibrium geometry dynamics (, and subatomary stability as coherently embedding ratio of wave velocities, as in my multiple wave model) 

and a common ground to the ancient texts (including their numbers, also [in several ways] ‘gematria-wise’ relating to names of God(s) and important concepts and characters) in many old civilisations – confirming each other,

and their holographic numbers (also linking cycles related to solar, lunar and terrestrial dynamics as a whole and to our ‘musical’ fractal calendar of Earth, Moon and Sun), geometry (also the ‘female’ layer/aspect of close-packing of equal spheres in the ‘sea of glass/crystal’ of space structure and its numerical relationships around the centers) and meaning, all of these and more – like Keely’s 3:6:9 & [hyper]quadratic power series and [also Chinese] music- being specifically interrelated and applicable …


In the aforementioned collective coupled vibration dynamics, one can see it has a preference -following from the collective dynamics equations- for certain fractal scaling factors, also in dimensionless ‘number space’ structure.



This set of samples is only indicative by mere example, as there is much more and it is more concrete then in this abstract “bird’s eye view” description, 

all integrated and connected,


 even perhaps a fractal pattern for the Riemann zeta zeroes (directly linked to prime number distribution spectrum -Eulers constant e statistically – in even more detailed ways then the known – and the golden ratio only involved casually here in [generalized-]prime number quadruples relationships, that one could see), 

also based on the information and proportions of measures -GEoMeTRY also being linked to GEMaTRIa- in the Great Pyramid

(and a more precise relationship of the irrational constants and their meaning in physical dynamics relationship).


In the latter (and below the Saqqarah pyramid for instance, probably by Imhotep) also numerical wave groups (also toroids) myriad structure, musical and (astro-&bio-)geometrical blueprints, also known in Vedic and e.g. Dogon science – one attached, are to be found, 

like ‘scales’ and units of measures, gematrically in Egyptian-Hebrew sources and many other aspect of a holistic science hidden, to be discovered when the time has come (now?) besides the discoveries already known to man.


The main part is invisible, ‘dark’ (energy) to man’s eye, but not to his HEART or – anagramically – AETHER, the intrinsic relational substance of space… 

The are many seeds of insights to be explored together, besides the elaborated and fine-tuned work already done, without as withIN in harmonic relationship …


Looking forward to read some of you, dear reader, by contact form below… 


Warm regards, 

(Mr.A.Sc.) Stefaan Van Nuffel.


Dutch version later by

uw mede-levensleerling tot uw dienst,


NB Dit alles u aangeboden als vertrekpunten, voor zover mogelijk vrij van model of autoriteit buiten die van het zelf geziene innerlijke feit of totaliteit, uiteindelijk mogelijk vrij van zelf als vanzelf …